Konstalbum-Varvara Stepanova

Varvara Stepanova B: Nov 9 1894 in Kovno, Lithuania, U.S.S.R D: May 20 1958 in Moscow, Russia

Varvara Stepanova

Varvara Stepanova - Textile Design 1925

Varvara Stepanova - Figure with Guitar

Varvara Fedorovna Stepanova - Two Figures 1921

Varvara Stepanova - Circle Point Steal and Orange 1923

Varvara Stepanova - Women Playing 1920

Varvara Fyodorovna Stepanova was a Russian artist associated with the Constructivist movement.

Varvara Stepanova came from peasant origins but was fortunate enough to get an education at Kazan Art School, Odessa. There she met her husband and collaborator Alexander Rodchenko. In the years before the Russian Revolution of 1917 they leased an apartment in Moscow, owned by Wassily Kandinsky. These artists became some of the main figures in the Russian avant-garde. The new abstract art in Russia which began around 1915 was a culmination of influences from Cubism, Italian Futurism and traditional peasant art. She designed Cubo-Futurist work for several artists' books, and studied under Jean Metzinger at Académie de La Palette, an art academy where the painters André Dunoyer de Segonzac and Henri Le Fauconnier also taught.