Konstalbum-Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein is the most famous artists in the history of Pop Art, and was noted for his contributions to this art genre, particularly with his graphic works known for their bright and catchy colors and images. 

In 1963, he released his renowned artwork, which was entitled "Whaam!". This masterpiece utilized a comic book panel, which was greatly inspired by the All American Men of War from DC Comics' 1962 issue. Among his other works included his ads for household and food items that featured Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. He also created an impressive mural with an image of laughing woman as its focal point. This large-scale mural was made in 1964 for the New York State Pavilion, during the World's Fair.  

One of the finest works by Lichtenstein was his sculpture that he called "Brushstrokes in Flight". This famous masterpiece measured 25 feet in height, and it was completed as among the artist's significant large scale commission. In addition to this sculpture, he also created a 5-storey mural intended for New York's Equitable Tower. 

Lichtenstein suffered from pneumonia and numerous complications from this ailment. He was sent to a hospital in Manhattan, where he was diagnosed of a fatal illness due to pneumonia complications. Thus, on September 29, 1997, the famous artist passed away and left his second wife Dorothy Herzka and children named David and Mitchell.