Konstalbum-T.G.M. van Hettinga Tromp

Tjitske Geertruida Maria van Hettinga Tromp var en kvinnlig konstnär som föddes i Nederländerna 11 Apr 1872 i Groningen och dog den 22 februari 1962 i Zwolle.

Geertruida Van Hettinga Tromp was a pupil of Hendrik Bremmer, as well as J. Zandleven, D. Komter and H. van Daalhoff. From him, this painter learned the pointillistic technique, which is characteristic of her work. She mainly painted simple still life, church interiors and enchanted architecture views. A special role plays light in her work. It is diffuse, sieved of character, the skies are covered with iron and there are no heavy shadows.