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Brian Kershisnik

Brian Kershisnik

Brian Kershisnik

Brian Kershisnik

Brian Kershisnik

Brian Kershisnik

Brian Kershisnik - Painting at University of Utah for They Dance and Education Departments

Brian Kershisnik - Choosing Everything

Brian Kershisnik - Food Dance

Brian Kershisnik - Halo Repair 2005

Brian Kershisnik - Halo Repair 2006

Brian Kershisnik - Pruners

Brian Kershisnik - She Will Find What is Lost

Brian Kershisnik - Angels

Brian Kershisnik - Nativity (Concourse of Angels Attend the Newborn Christ Child) 2006

Brian Kershisnik - Sphinxes Reading

Brian Kershisnik - Pouring Milk 2007

Brian Kershisnik - A Man Swinging

Brian Kershisnik - A Difficult Place to Go

Brian Kershisnik - A Woman with Dogs

Brian Kershisnik - Constellations

Brian Kershisnik - Death and the Maiden

Brian Kershisnik - Ruth

Brian Kershisnik - A Spirited Conversation

Brian Kershisnik - Dancing on a Very Small Island 2006

Brian Kershisnik - Daughter

Brian Kershisnik - Dead Mermaid

Brian Kershisnik - Eating Peaches 2005

Brian Kershisnik - Finding a Place

Brian Kershisnik - Food Poetry

Brian Kershisnik - Interior Games 2003

Brian Kershisnik - Les Amoureux avec le Chien

Brian Kershisnik - Library

Brian Kershisnik - Living with It

Brian Kershisnik - Many Reunions 2010

Brian Kershisnik - Reading a Very Small Book 2004

Brian Kershisnik - Saving the Naked Man

Brian Kershisnik - She Reads 2006

Brian Kershisnik - Song 2003

Brian Kershisnik - Spoon Trick with Observers 2003

Brian Kershisnik - Treading the Basilisk 2003

Brian Kershisnik - Tricks on Paper 2004?

Brian Kershisnik - Unknown Allegory with a Man Dancing 2007

Brian Kershisnik - We're Just Doing This 2005

Brian Kershisnik - When to Stop 2007

Brian Kershisnik - While Walking 2007

Brian Kershisnik - Winter Dancing 2011

Brian Kershisnik - Climbing Mother 2013

Brian T. Kershisnik was born the fourth and last son of excellent parents. Because of his father’s employment as a petroleum geologist, he grew up in Luanda Angola, Bangkok Thailand, Conroe Texas and Islamabad Pakistan.

Brian T. Kershisnik is the youngest of a happy and widely traveled family of sons. His father's work as a petroleum geologist took them to various continents across the globe where his mother unfailingly set up a home filled with music, great food and active conversation, furnished with treasures and artifacts from their travels and hosting frequent parties and exotic slide shows of their globetrotting family life. Brian grew up happily dividing his time between his dad's overseas assignments and summers spent with cousins in Rock Springs, Wyoming, a friendly, curious kid and with no notion at all of what he wanted to be when he grew up. Though he drew often to entertain himself, it never occurred to him that people actually did that for a living. Finding himself unceremoniously graduated from high school after an emergency evacuation from Pakistan abruptly ended his senior year, he applied to the University of Utah where his brother was attending school. A General Architecture class from Peter Goss and a Ceramics class from Dorthy Bearnsen began to focus his interests. After serving as a missionary in Northern Europe he determined to study ceramics at Brigham Young University and then architecture at the University of Utah. During his first year in ceramics he met Joe and Lee Bennion and arranged to spend the summer working in Joe's pottery. After some months it became apparent that Brian was no potter and Lee suggested he try something with her paint box. Painting changed everything. Gallery owner Dolores Chase noticed his exhibitions and offered to begin his professional career. While many of his contemporaries looked elsewhere to establish their art careers, Brian focused on his Utah home. Though he now shows elsewhere and his works are in collections around the world, his home base of local collectors remains his most satisfying audience and his openings at David Ericson Fine Art in Salt Lake City and Meyer Gallery in Park City have an air of reunion and camaraderie. His studio is an old dance hall in Kanosh, Utah, though he now lives in the town of Provo.

He graduated from high school early, not because of sterling merit, but because the American Embassy in Islamabad Pakistan was burned and he was evacuated and the seniors graduated. After a year of college at the University of Utah searching in vain for vocation, he served for a time as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Denmark. He returned to the USA to study art at Brigham Young University, during which studies he received a grant to study in London for six months. After graduate studies in Austin Texas, he and his young family moved to Kanosh, a very small town in central Utah where he paints and works on his house and studio.